The Grisly Files of Bartholomew Briar

This is the first chapter of a mystery-thriller series I've just started working on. The series focuses on Bartholomew 'Thorn' Briar who works as an agent for East Coast Eninone Assistance. (I'll explain more about the ECEA and Eninones in a later post. All you need to know is that 'Eninone' is my word for … Continue reading The Grisly Files of Bartholomew Briar

The Wolves of Wullferg Keep

The punishment for poaching in the Huntsmen's forest is death by banishment, and that becomes Emily's looming future when she's framed for running a fur trading business. Cast into the dark woods, filled with prowling predators, and poisoned by her betrothed, her chances of survival for even more than a night seem nonexistent. And then … Continue reading The Wolves of Wullferg Keep