Here you’ll find the synopses and basic information for all my current writing projects. Having them here instead of as blog posts will make it easier to refer to them.

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A Writer’s Rambling: Volume I – Addleberg Lang

Description from back of book:

Addleberg Lang is a debut collection of songs, poems, and short stories written by emerging author Gail Auctor. The book gives a astounding view of the habits and processes of a writer’s mind and a vivid glimpse into the worlds and creatures that Auctor has created. Many of Auctor’s other works in progress are referenced and side characters are explored in depth, giving the reader a view that they would never gain from the novels themselves. Addleberg Lang provides a diverse sampling of Auctor’s skills, writing style, stories, fictional worlds, and creatures. If you’re looking for an easy, interesting read with a heavy dash of humor and wit, then this is the book for you.

Genre: Hybrid

Category: Novelette

Stage: Editing and Publishing

Dragon Lord

Once the valleys and forests of Meterik were ruled by mighty Dragon Lords; Northtail the Just, Genmaryen of Glenvale, Menikik Ken the Brewer, and many others. But now they are gone. Decades later, the Meterikite people live under the oppression of the Valley Thieves, the descendants of highwaymen and sell-swords, with nothing but stories of dragons and the hope that one day their true lords will return. In one small town, this hope is turned to reality when a traveling bard arrives with a most peculiar tale, one they’ve never heard before. A tale of dragons.

Genre: Fantasy

Category: Novelette

Stage: Editing

Lilithantha; A Most Wonderfully Gruesome Tale

The beasts have been attacking for months now. Each night, they enter the town, tear apart houses, and devour the inhabitants. Weapons are useless. The townsfolk have nowhere to go and no hope left. And then a huntsman walks into town. The first day, he kills three of the beasts, bringing back their heads as trophies. The huntsman’s band continues to rid the forest of the monsters, bringing back heads and pelts every evening. They’re heroes. Or are they?

Genre: Fantasy Thriller

Category: Novella

Stage: Second Draft

Magic Stones and the Reign of Chaos

At this point in Jasper, Jasmine, Ruby, and Emerald Stone’s lives, if something unexpected happens it’s usually for the worse. Their father walked out on them without warning, their mother died in a fiery car accident, they’ve been shuffled from home to home in the foster system. So when their estranged aunt Mildred suddenly requests to foster them after four years of silence, they don’t exactly have high hopes. A good thing, too, since the Stones are told flat out by everyone who lives on the Elysian Estate, all of three people, including their aunt, that Mildred wants absolutely nothing to do with them. The only reason they’re there at all is because of Ragnar Lupeson, the man who was in love with their mother as a teenager and never forgave their father for marrying her. The Stones are quite sure that it can’t get any stranger but, as with many, many other things, they’re proven wrong. The Elysian Estate, a vast swath of wooded property, is apparently a large part of their family history; and yet they’ve never heard of it.

Not that the place they’re trapped in is exactly horrible. The Elysian Estate covers hundreds of acres of old forest perfect for hiking and exploring….only they’re not allowed to enter the woods. Ever. It wouldn’t be quite as odd if no one ever went into the woods, but they soon meet multiple people, tenants apparently, who live beneath the horde of dark trees.

Despite everything against them, the Stones begin to enjoy their new home and even the people in it. Until one of the Stones makes a horrifying discovery that thrusts them all into a world they didn’t even know existed and that they can never escape.

Genre: Fantasy

Category: Novel

Stage: Third Draft

The Wolves of Wullferg Keep

The punishment for poaching in the Huntsmen’s forest is death by banishment, and that becomes Emily’s looming future when she’s framed for running a fur trading business. Cast into the dark woods, filled with prowling predators, and poisoned by her betrothed, her chances of survival for even more than a night seem nonexistent. And then she wakes up in a castle, wounded but mostly whole, and discovers that it wasn’t wolves the forest was filled with, but werewolves.

For decades, the life of Dray Raefling, Lord of Wullferg Keep has been blessedly simple and routine. But when his wolves stumble upon a human female in the woods, they insist that she be brought back to the Keep; sure that she couldn’t have committed a crime worth death. Instantly, the whole pack is thrown into chaos. Half his wolves go mate crazy over the human, a handful want her dead, and all the while she does everything she can to rebel against Dray.

And once things seem to be settling in at last, Emily’s life in the city comes back to haunt her and Dray’s inner wolf goes mate crazy as well; devolving to the most drastic levels to win her over.

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Category: Novel

Stage: First Draft