World Building II – The Creatures

Welcome back to part II of World Building! YAAAAYYYY!!!!!! Today we're covering my favorite part of world building- the creatures! (As the title of the post suggests.) When someone says fantasy, how many people think 'dragon'? And when someone mentions Tolkien, we think about Elves and Dwarves and Hobbits. You say Narnia, I say talking … Continue reading World Building II – The Creatures

The Grisly Files of Bartholomew Briar

This is the first chapter of a mystery-thriller series I've just started working on. The series focuses on Bartholomew 'Thorn' Briar who works as an agent for East Coast Eninone Assistance. (I'll explain more about the ECEA and Eninones in a later post. All you need to know is that 'Eninone' is my word for … Continue reading The Grisly Files of Bartholomew Briar

Eninones: Welcome To My World

One of the most important things you have to know before even listening to me talk about my books is what Eninones are. Eninone stands for ENigmatic, INtelligent, Otherworldly, Nonhuman, Entities. In a nutshell, they’re mythical creatures. Now, my list of Eninones is so ridiculously long that there’s now way I could even begin to … Continue reading Eninones: Welcome To My World

Want To Learn Some Wolvish? (Sorry, it won’t count as a foreign language credit.)

Because of my all-consuming obsession with werewolves of all species I pulled a Tolkien and started writing a language. Because of course I, a high school student, have time for that. Anyways. I haven't completed it....because that's a lot of words. But I have done a fair amount. Below I have some very basic Wolvish … Continue reading Want To Learn Some Wolvish? (Sorry, it won’t count as a foreign language credit.)