Ha! I see I’ve captured your attention long enough to get you to look at this page. Even if this is the last sentence you read here, I’ll count it as a success. Now, you might be wondering, Who is this crazy person who thinks getting me to read one sentence is a success? Well, besides desperate, I’m a fifteen year old homeschooler trying to make my mark on the world through art mediums of all kinds.

My main medium is words. “Words, words, words,” to quote Hamlet, (II. ii. 210) I’m an avid writer and have spent far too many nights staring at a computer screen while typing out emotionally charged scenes. My main genre is YA fantasy though I do dabble in thrillers, sci-fi, and an occasional touch of romance. The majority of this blog will be devoted to writing; advice, ideas, and stuff about my own writing. I want to cover all the stuff I wish I’d known when I started writing. Everyone has the potential to become an author; I’d love to help as many people accomplish that as I can.

My secondary medium is actual art. I love to illustrate my stories with pen sketches of characters and settings and to draw pictures of all the creatures I create for my worlds. I draw other things of course, but they won’t appear on this blog.

If you’ve read this far, then I’m totally congratulating myself, and I hope you’ll read more of what I have to say. One of the best ways for a writer to build themselves a platform is through social media, and especially blogging. That’s exactly what I’m doing here, and if you want to help me get my work published, just keep reading.

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