Be Wary of the Wolf

Excerpt from Riggshaw Katarr-

Psst. This one’s my favorite! 

I was being stupid and jumped ahead to right a sequel book for Magic Stones about Rostov Lupeson. It’s a romance about him and and human named Carmen who moved to the town in order ot get away from her abusive husband. It’s a sweet story, both of them being divorced with kids and not really looking for romance and all and the whole thing is just really sweet. 

Except for, you know, the major points of conflict that I won’t name because SPOILERS. 

Anyways, this poem is going to be on the first page of the book. It’s about all of Carmen’s doubts as she gets into an unexpected relationship with Rostov. 

And it’s just my absolute favorite poem. I love it so much.

Be wary of the Wolf my dear
For his words are course but lovely
They ring with utter truth and adoration
(But you never know he may be lying)

His looks are wild and rugged
With dark hair and glowing eyes
And a slow, toothy smile that’s oh so dear
(But smiles have never been a guarantee)

Be wary of the Wolf my dear
When at your door he’s knocking
He’ll bring you flowers and thoughtful gifts
(But the Trojans brought a gift too)

He’ll listen to all you have to say
And give you the most honest of answers
You’ll know his opinion, but it’s never offensive
(But you ex used to act like this- at first)

Be wary of the Wolf my dear
He’ll be so unexpectedly sweet
He’ll hum softly when distracted or dozing
(But even snakes can sometimes be cute)

He’ll play with your children
And treat them the same as his own
In their minds they’ll start to make him their father
(But their first father was so disappointing)

Be wary of the Wolf my dear
For he will hold on to you tight
He’ll let you go, with sorrow, if you truly want him to
(But you won’t want to leave his embrace)

Be so wary of that charming Wolf
If you catch him once, you’ve caught him for life
He’ll make you his, he’ll make you his wife

Caution my dear, Don’t make the same mistake twice

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