Little Candle

Excerpt from Addleberg Lang:

This is just a random little poem I wrote on my phone while waiting for my family to be done at the gym. I don’t remember what inspired me to write it, but it’s officially the cutest poem I’ve ever written.↣

Little candle, burning bright
Keep the monsters out at night

They hide beneath my darkened bed
And fill my heart with blackest dread

Inside my closet they do creep
Ever keeping me from sleep

You sit upon my window sill
Flickering, dancing, never still

Your golden light is like a shield
Naught can enter it’s glowing field

When you burn I know I’m safe
Against my fears I won’t chafe

Don’t go out my little guard
I know your work is very hard

Wax and wind: your greatest foes
One always drips, one always blows

But you keep burning, all night long
Protecting me from all that’s wrong

Little candle, burning bright
You’re my greatest comfort at night