Some Really Exciting Stuff is Happening!

The next phase for The Blue Shoe Skidoo is upon us! I can practically hear what you’re thinking. Is it going to be fun? Absolutely! Does it include writing? Of course! Are there free things we can get? You bet! Are you trying to totally hook all your readers with cheap suspense methods? How’d you know?!

I guess I’d better tell you since you figured out what I’m trying to do. Or, maybe….. maybe I’ll make you read about it in my email list. What did you say? You heard me right! Email list! Email list, email list, email list. I finally have one! And I just sent out the first email! Which is why I’m posting on a Thursday! And using too many exclamation points!!!!

Anyways…. there’s some pretty exciting news in this letter. And the chance to get some free stuff. 😉 So, want to know what it is? Subscribe to my email list!

How can I see your first email? Easy, click here.

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