The Truth About Goats

I apologize in advance for the brevity of this post. My life has been absolutely crazy these past few weeks because of travel, college shopping (Yay!), and attempting to catch up on math (Shoot me. It would be less painful.) I have like two brain cells left with which to communicate at the moment. Sorry.

Anyways, I want to introduce you to The Truth About Goats. And no, I’m not going to be talking about goats. I can tell the truth about them; the wily, stubborn, psychotic, Houdini-like twits. But what I’m actually talking about is a newly set up website.

The Truth About Goats (TTAG) is run by my friend J.D. Miller, a fellow writer. He describes the site as “…the digital headquarters of a creative community.” A number of his short stories and poems are available to read as well as the first chapter of his novel The Human Cafe. Which happens to be one of the two books I’ve cried over, The Book Thief being the other one. I actually cried so hard over the ending of The Human Cafe that my brother ran in and asked what was wrong. It’s that freaking beautiful.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to see this website beginning, or how excited I am every time I get an email about a new post.

So my pargas, if you want to read some epic poetry and short stories, check out The Truth About Goats!