The Convoluted Creation of Age of War and Magic Stones

Excerpt from Addleberg Lang:

Age of War and Magic Stones are my first and most prominent series. Age of War contains the books, Alliance of Wolves, and middle book which I’m still working on naming, and Fall of Kings. Magic Stones contains Magic Stones and the Reign of Chaos, Magic Stones and the Draconian Locket, Magic Stones and the Missing Prisoners (I haven’t decided if that’s the official title yet), Magic Stones and the Obsidian Spell, and Magic Stones and the Rise of Monsters. Age of War focuses on the war-torn countries of Saevus and Klietus in the world Amentia. Magic Stones focuses on the adventures of four siblings who have been introduced to the hidden world of Eninones here on earth. So what on earth do these two series have in common?

Well, they were the same story at first. Yeah, I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. When I was originally plotting Age of War, back when it was nothing but a story I played through my head every night before I went to bed and I had never dreamed of ever writing it down, Drew (who is still the main character in Age of War had) six kids named Jasper, Jasmine, Ruby, Topaz, Pearl, and Emerald. I don’t remember a whole bunch about them, but what I do is pretty wild.

Jasper got his legs blown off from the knee down during a battle and had enchanted metal legs built for him. He was regarded as a freak and he ran away. He ended up living with a thunder of dragons and working with a group of highwaymen until he led them into the woods and let the dragons feast on them. Jasmine became a dragon rider and eventually married an elf (sound familiar? Yeah, I had just read Eragon for the first time) and was reunited with Jasper after fighting off his friends. Ruby became an evil witch who tried to destroy the settlement that Drew built on some secluded island. She had children named Anubis, Grimm, and Lilith and an army of the undead. When Angus (you remember him, right?) was murdered and his wife kidnapped, Ruby resurrected his corpse because he had been more of a father to her than Drew had been. Ruby was later killed, and Angus remained undead and roamed through the woods for a bit, terrorizing anyone he crossed paths with. (I don’t remember why.) Topaz traveled abroad and became a skilled magician. I don’t remember much about him except for he was the odd one out. Pearl…..I don’t remember anything about her. She might have been adopted though. Emerald was lost during the escape from the mainland (I’m pretty sure Drew’s enemies were after them and burned their house to the ground.) She was raised by a nymph and fell in love with a Lupinite and spent the rest of her days living in the forest.

Before you make too harsh of a judgment, I was like twelve at the time. I don’t remember when I split it into two different series, but I did. On the Stones part, I pretty much only kept their names; if I kept them at all. Pearl never made it into Magic Stones for even a second. Drew has stayed pretty similar, I’ve really just developed his character more and more.

But seriously, this is a prime example of how my mind works. I’m astounded that I haven’t been put in an asylum.