A Bit About Homeschooling

On my About Page, I mention that I’m homeschooled. Now, I don’t know if you know any homeschoolers, and if you do they might be some of the weird homeschoolers. I mean, weirder than we are. But I’d really like to debunk a few things about homeschooling because it bothers me when people have incorrect preconceived ideas about anyone.

We’re Not Socialized

Did- did my eye just twitch? I think it did. Sorry, this one really bothers me. Why do people think that if we don’t see people outside our family every single day that we’re socially incompetent. Most of us (I say ‘us’ referring to parents and older students) are actually very purposeful about getting together with people. And because we don’t see our friends every single day, we cherish the time we do have and use it to its full potential. Also, many homeschoolers are part of co-ops. I attend a hybrid school once a week called Heritage Learning that has over two hundred students, K-12.

We Not Properly Educated

…..I’m not even going to go super in depth with this one because it also severely irritates me. Let’s just say that homeschoolers are consistently scoring higher on the ACT and SAT than public and private schoolers. My older sister is in medical school right now at the National University of Natural Medicine; and she’s married and working a full time job while in school, something her professors said was impossible. You can read her own blog here. My older brother is going into engineering. Yes, of course, there are always those homeschoolers who are, to be blunt, kind of stupid. But you get lots of stupid people from public and private schools as well. Some people are just stupid!

We Barely Have Any Homework

HAHAHAHA- WRONG. More often than not our problem is that we have too much homework. Only in the past few years have we started really simplifying things because we were dying. My siblings and I do homework from eight to three every single day; and we don’t get to pick what we do. Yes, we older children have some say in our schooling, but we still have math, we still have science.

We Don’t All Live On Farms And Have Tons of Kids

Well….actually…I do live on a farm. And I have five siblings. But we’re not all like that. Anyways…

The reason I love homeschooling so much is that I have the freedom to move at my own pace through things and can structure my own day. As long as all my work gets done, I can do my homework in whatever order I want. And i get alone time. I need this. Group projects are my worst nightmare and with homeschooling, I don’t have to deal with them very often. And I do have more time to focus on my own passions, like writing.