World Building II – The Creatures

Welcome back to part II of World Building! YAAAAYYYY!!!!!! Today we're covering my favorite part of world building- the creatures! (As the title of the post suggests.) When someone says fantasy, how many people think 'dragon'? And when someone mentions Tolkien, we think about Elves and Dwarves and Hobbits. You say Narnia, I say talking … Continue reading World Building II – The Creatures

World Building I – The Basics

Aaaalllllllrighty folks! It's time for my favorite writing topic of all! World building!!!!! *cheers and does happy t-rex arms* As one of the central features of Fantasy novels (my most favoritist genre) world building should be given much more thought and time than it usually is. But why do I need to put so much … Continue reading World Building I – The Basics

Staying Healthy As a Writer; A Gift to Yourself

We've been sold this idea that writer's are these pale, hunched over, gremlins eating whatever food is within reach. We laugh at this, joke about how true it is, and keep destroying ourselves. But is bad posture and unhealthy diets really something to joke about? I have scoliosis, and was in physical therapy for several … Continue reading Staying Healthy As a Writer; A Gift to Yourself